We Make a Difference

MCI Turkiye has been providing students all over Turkey with high quality and experienced international education counseling services. MCI Turkiye’s counselors are all have international education experience, carefully trained and devoted to helping students to acquire their educational aim and find their best fit schools.

Our counselors are all experts in their fields and our unique methodology allow us to work with each student and parents individually and in a caring atmosphere. Our counselors are working in a team to uncover the interests, personality, learning styles of students to ensure to build up an accurate representation of who he or she is. This way, our guidance helps students to discover the best fit schools and academic medium for themselves.

Our counselors approach and knowledge for each department differs and results in providing a customized plan for each student. The dynamics of each department is carefully modified for advising our students to be placed in the most fit and nurturing school.

We value working one-on-one with students and their families throughout the application process to reach their full potential. Our counselors are also mentors and motivators to all our students. We not only use our knowledge and skills for guidance as an individual counselor but also help students to benefit from the network of different counselors’ team approach.

We enjoy watching our students getting to know themselves for who they are. But we enjoy more to witness them evolving to who they want to be in this ever changing world. We hope that we help them make a difference in their correct choice of education.